About Us


Holy Trinity College of General Santos City is a leading educational institution and an internationally recognized provider of quality, accessible and relevant education towards the holistic development of its graduates.


As a Filipino, non-sectarian educational institution, founded on the teaching of God, Holy Trinity College is committed to empower the person to be self-reliant, productive, morally-upright and socially-responsible member of the society.


Holy Trinity College of General Santos City seeks to:

1. implement Transformative and Relevant Curricula;
2. secure Ideal and Necessary Resources;
3. organize an Involved and Transparent Administration;
4. take into service Academically-equipped and Research-oriented Faculty;
5. make use of Innovative and Advanced Technology; and,
6. carry out Nature-friendly and Service-driven Students' Activities.

The New Seal

The circular shape of the seal denotes the infiniteness of Trinitarian education, transcending time, culture and religion.

The bright yellow color mirrors the Trinitarian spirit, his unceasing resolve to bring back more glory to the school and to be actively involved in continuously making HTC as the Home of Stars and Champions.

The white color embodies the Trinitarian’s purity of purpose in his relationship with God, country, community and family.

The green color expresses the hope, confidence and high regard held by the school’s stakeholders, making Holy Trinity College of General Santos City as their second home and a partner for their holistic development.

The six scallops that encircle the seal represent the six founding members of Holy Trinity College of General Santos City. The groove in each scallop symbolizes the depth of their commitment to serve others.

Superimposed at its center is an emblematical triangle that forms the letter “ A “, in grateful acknowledgment to the contribution of the six members of the Albano family of General Santos City, the original incorporators and members of the Board of Trustees of Holy Trinity College of General Santos City, in the field of education. The interwoven lines in the triangle stand for the school’s flexibility in carrying out the three functions of higher education – instruction, research and community extension. It also reflects its recognition of the interconnectedness of the tri-segmented levels of education – basic, technical and higher education.

Meld with the triangle are two olive branches with twenty two leaves. The entwined branches represent the school’s principal founders’ oneness in vision. The twenty two leaves point to College’s goal to offer at least twenty two academic programs in the different levels. The entwined olive branches also form a “U” shape, indicating the school’s aspiration of elevating the status of the College into a University.

At the upper portion triangle are the dogmatic symbols of the Holy Trinity – the eye, the cross and the dove. At its lower portion are a golden lamp and an open book. The open book reflects the institution’s educational resolve, that is, to make learning more reflective and research-focused. The golden lamp takes the form of a human individual, holding a lit candle, signifying his readiness to explore possibilities towards the right direction and become a holistically-developed person.

1984 indicates the year when the school was founded.

Below the emblematical triangle is the map of SOCSKSARGEN region, the main service area of HTC. Surrounding the map is the blue Sarangani Bay, the community’s major source of living and the epitome of the steadfastness and diligence of its people.

The College Mascot is the Philippine Wildcat. Fiercely independent, graceful and beautiful but untamed feline is a pride in the Philippine fauna. Light footed and bright, the Wildcat exudes grace and resourcefulness, which the school identifies with.

White and Green are the colors. White symbolizes purity, innocence, victory and joy; while Green denotes hope, growth, life, immortality and faithfulness. These colors are to be prominently adapted in the school seal ang logo, as well as in other symbols and markings for use in activities and events in which the school is identified with.

Our School
Holy Trinity College of General Santos City is a non-sectarian school duly registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission, through its Davao City office. As an educational institution, its main thrust and concern is to assist the youth in the systematic and full development of their capabilities and to prepare them to become productive citizens of our countryClassified as non-profit, non-stock corporation and co educational institution dedicated to educate young men and women in the pursuit of knowledge with emphasis on achieving and maintaining academic excellence and concomitantly stressing to foster true Filipinism as well as aiming to develop a holistic and a universal outlook in the community, Holy Trinity College of General Santos City was established by the Albano family, as a Pre-school in 1984 and registered as a College in 1989.

As an institutional committed to the cause of nation-building, Holy Trinity College of General Santos City rightly assumes the responsibility of imbuing deep sense of love of country to its students, with the ultimate goal of training them to be collectively responsive for the common good, for the betterment of the people and the country.

Determined to actualize its set of principles, Holy Trinity College of General Santos City, puts emphasis on the significance of the truth, the good and the beautiful in all academic levels, with the end view of training its students to speak about the truth, to do what is good and to appreciate what is beautiful at all times.