Board of Trustees


Mme. Gertrudes T. Albano

Gen. Consejo S. Albano PC (Ret.) EdD.                              

Rey T. Albano, MAEd President
Atty. Josemar T. Albano
Vice President for Administration

Marylone A. Canlas

Vice President for Finance

Ms. Rosalyn T. Albano Member
Dr. Marilou E. Albano Member
The Board of Trustees is the highest policy and decision making body of the school and vested with such powers and authority as provided in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Holy Trinity College of General Santos City. Its primordial concern is to develop, promulgate and review the general policy guidelines on all major aspects of the school's operations in the light of the changes and development in the educational environmental and in accordance to the school's vision, mission and goals.