President's Message

Welcome and Good Holy!

At Holy Trinity College we aspire to be among the best in the region, and we're making it happen right now. Our students thrive in our culture of innovation and our community of discovery. We are proud of our traditions, our impact, and our vision for the future.

Learning at Holy Trinity College happens in lecture halls, libraries and laboratories, tutorials,
small groups, chat rooms, the Student Centre, basketball games, in clubs and on garden benches. We believe students learn from one another as well as their professors. Our learning community is about discovering how to ask the right kinds of questions, how to be critical thinkers, and how to find unique solutions that can have an impact on the world around every one of us.

Our professors are here to help. They are among the best. 

Holy Trinity College has changed significantly over its 25 year history. We have built a modern school on solid traditions. It's an exciting time to be at Holy Trinity College and I encourage you to take a closer look by exploring our web site or coming for a visit.

Rey Albano, MA