Fresh From Queensland, Welcome Back Sir Rey!

“Once a Trinitarian always a Wildcat
and once a Wildcat forever a Trinitarian!”

Our College president is back from almost a month stint at Queensland, Australia.

Sir Rey Albano is one of the 16 private educators from Mindanao who were recipients for the Australian Leadership Fellows (ALAF) program of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) which was made possible through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) scholarship.

His stint includes observation and study tours, lectures and presentations. According to Sir Rey, the fellowship afforded him the chance to “witness innovation and diversity in Australian education and training for individual, national and global development”. He was impressed with the pro-activeness and co-operation among government, education and training providers, industry and community organizations, in ensuring that vocational and higher education and training services provide choice and diversity, and appropriately delivered courses which are widely accessible and of high quality”.

More on ACPET:

ACPET is the national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training, for Australian and international students, including higher education, vocational education and training, English language courses, senior secondary studies, foundation studies.

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