“Once a Trinitarian always a Wildcat
and once a Wildcat forever a Trinitarian!”

“There is no exact recipe for success; however, concentrate and good actions would bring improvements, developments, and progress. The school, through intensive, timely monitoring and support, has realized many improvement efforts over the years with varying degrees of accomplishment.”

To articulate the school’s many achievements, the President, Rey T. Albano, rendered his 6th State of the School Address (SOSA) on August 15,2013 at the Basic Education grounds to the HTC community. It is considered as one of the big events HTC undertakes each year. In attendance were the members of the Board of Trustees, headed by the Chairman of the Board, Atty. Josemar T. Albano,  Marylone Albano-Canlas and Dr. Marilou E. Albano.  The presence of Madame Gertrudes T. Albano, principal founder gave inspiration to the event. Deans, department heads, principals, Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) officers, faculty and staff , student leaders were also present.  Special guest wasDr. Maximo Aljibe CESO III, the CHEd Regional Director for Region XII.

Sir Rey started out his speech with emphasis on being able to  bring about new ways of doing things because it creates possibilities, not limits. He further stated the downside of setting limits which will form a restriction upon us and make us fearful to venture beyond our comfort zones. He proceeded to talk about HTC maximizing its headways guided by the 4 academic indicators which are: Quality and Excellence; Relevance and Responsiveness; Efficiency and Effectiveness; and Access and Equity.  Proudly, in all indicators, HTC proved to be making positive development and impact.

Highlights of the SOSA are hereby articulated . Particularly on Efficiency and Effectiveness,  the result of the accreditation of ACSCU-AAI  last March  4-8,2013 as confirmed by Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) are:

  • For the Preliminary Survey Result of the Master of Arts in Education Program, result was ACCEPTED as candidate Status from April 2013-April 2015.
  • Formal survey of the Criminology Program, Granted, three-year re-accreditation status , Level II from April 2013-2016.
  • Resurvey of the Liberal Arts (AB), Granted, three-year re-accreditation status Level II, from April 2013-2016.
  • Resurvey of the High School Program, Granted, three-year re-accreditation status, Level II from April 2013-2016.
  • Resurvey of the   Elementary Program, Granted, three-year re-accreditation status Level II from April 2013-2016.

 Academic advantage has been concretized as shown in the results of the board exams, in the Licensure Examination for Criminology, HTC remains to be one of thetop performing schools in Mindanao continuously ranked No.1 in the region for many years. The College of Teacher Education in the BEED program, produced 100  percent board passers for the first time takers in the March Licensure Exams.

Another noteworthy achievement is HTC’s engagement with the International Organization for Standardization or ISO with an Institutional Quality Policy that “we arecommitted to produce Holistic, Technology-fluent and Competent graduates through internationally recognized quality education and training services for global compatibility”. The ISO has brought another variation in our organizational structure which is for implementation this school year 2013-2014. Under this innovation, the following were initiated:

  • Creation of Quality Management Team headed by the Quality Assurance Director
  • Creation of new positions in the organization namely the Purchasing Office and the Facility Manager

The “ambitious undertaking”, an ISO certification, according to the President started as a dream. And to quote himThat dream is why I am so happy to stand before you tonight because I know this dream is how we can win the future of this institution”.

Stages I and II of the ISO  has been completed in July and August 2013 and the President said  that we are just waiting for the written approval through a Certification from ABS Quality Evaluations ‘ home office in Houston , Texas, USA.  Plans and preparations are again underway as the institution starts its preparation for the CHEd Quality Assurance and Institutional Sustainability (ISA) for the determination and qualification of our status as an educational institution. The school is aiming to be classified horizontally as a Professional Institution with vertical typology of Autonomous Status.

For the institution’s theme for SY 2013-2014, we quoted the President to have said, “ Our advocacy for the Green will once again be our guiding light as we stoke the fire of excellence and make it burn even brighter. From Living and Learning to A Greener Future(SY 2010-2011 theme), we recognize that We Are The Future and We Continue to Live and Learn to A Greener Tomorrow( 2011-2012 theme).  As we believe HTC to Be A Pathway to Greener Opportunities(2012-2013 ), this School Year, we are seeing the tailwinds are again turning to HTC’s favor. With all the encouraging conditions experienced by the institution, I truly believe that:Beyond A Greener HTC are Limitless and Winning Possibilities”

Indeed, a very apt theme for our beloved institution for school year 2013-2014.

A most welcome and maximum applauded announcement for the night was the salary increase for the faculty and staff which the President said to be the highest thus far.

In his response speech on the other  hand, the CHEd Director for RO XII , Dr. Maximo Aljibe had only high praises for HTC’s achievements and for the leadership it has.  According to him, it was him who has benchmarked at the best practices of HTC after the President’s speech. Further, he was proud that HTC’s theme was more of going “beyond”of what it is now, which to him is the best and appropriate thing to do and not merely sitting on laurels . He congratulated the President for a very comprehensive account of the State of the School and further vouched support for all its endeavors.

The President ended his SOSA by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is clear that the state of our school is strong, stable and viable”.


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