WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION (Vis-a-vis with HTC President’s Birthday)

“Once a Trinitarian always a Wildcat
and once a Wildcat forever a Trinitarian!”

Last October 1, 2012, the Holy Trinity College of General Santos City simultaneously celebrated World Teachers’ Day and the birthday of its President, Prof. Rey T. Albano, MaEd. The event started in the morning with a thanksgiving mass held at the Basic Education ground. It was actively participated by the Trinitarians on all level, together with the birthday celebrator Pres. Rey T. Albano, Atty. Josemar T. Albano, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Marylone Albano-Canlas, Vice President for Finance and the rest of HTC family.

A unified celebration of the President’s birthday was then held right after the mass. Prof. Rey T. Albano was greeted and entertained by the members of the faculty from basic education to college level. Some teachers surprised the birthday celebrator through dance numbers while some serenaded him with his favorite songs. His beloved wife, Prof. Marilou Albano, also serenaded him and gave a wonderful message to him.

After the short program for the said birthday occasion, the World Teachers’ Day was celebrated by the Trinitarians in their respective levels. For the college, the event was held at the college ground and sponsored by the Supreme Student Council.

With the theme, “Stand Up for Teachers”, Trinitarians entertained the members of the faculty and non-teaching personnel. Each department prepared heart-warming and thoughtful messages to their beloved teachers and mentors. Other students also prepared intermission numbers for the enjoyment and entertainment of the teachers and the staff. At the end of the program, the students gave gifts, flowers and personal messages not only to their favorite and loving teachers but also to the non-teaching personnel as tokens of their appreciation and gratitude for their hard work.

The program for the World Teachers’ Day ended with high morale as the HTC faculty members and staff were filled with joy and happiness because of the gratitude shown by the students.

At lunch, the teachers and the personnel were once again treated by the HTC Administration with a celebration held at the Trinitarian Center. The luncheon party is a gift of the HTC President, Prof. Rey T. Albano who also celebrated his birthday on the same day, to all the employees of the institution. The Chairman of the Booard, Atty. Josemar T. Albano, also gave an inspiring message to the birthday celebrator and to the teachers and staff. It was also the first time that the HTC Trinitarian Center was used for an event.

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